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Lucid Planet - Vinyl (2LP)

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We are so excited to finally bring our self-titled debut album Lucid Planet (2015) to the full-fidelity listening experience of the vinyl format. Remastered for vinyl on a double pressing within a decorative gatefold package, this edition of Lucid Planet features the original cover art by Chris Sukut, along with new artwork from Mr. Crystalface and Joma Sipe.
Also included with every vinyl purchased is a copy of the Lucid Planet Artwork and Lyric Cards Set, showcasing the creativity and talent of our friend and band artist, Mr. Crystalface. A beautiful set to behold, these are the best accompaniment to absorb the entire experience that is Lucid Planet - a visually artistic rendition of each song and it's lyrical content, along with the lossless and analog audio quality only available on vinyl.
*PLEASE NOTE: These Lyric Cards are a new and different set from those available with the Lucid Planet II vinyl product. These cards correspond with the songs from the debut album Lucid Planet (2015), whereas the Cards from the Lucid Planet II vinyl product correspond to the songs from Lucid Planet II (2020).
Lastly, the vinyl version of Lucid Planet also comes with a reimagined Grey Feet, the fourth song from our 2015 debut. Taking the most chilled vibe we had and reimagining it into possibly the heaviest sections you will hear on the entire album, we know you'll love this vastly new approach to a familiar track. You'll have to grab yourself a copy of the vinyl to hear it, though - at this stage, there are no current plans for a public release!

- Nine-piece Artwork and Lyric Cards Set -

- Bonus heavy remake of Grey Feet -

- Featuring the artwork of legendary artists Chris Sukut, Mr Crystalface and Joma Sipe -

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