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Welcome to the website of the Australian psychedelic and progressive band, Lucid Planet. We created everything you see here, from the music creation, production, the website, online store and beyond, all from scratch and 100% independently.

With that being said, this is the absolute best place to support our journey. All of our music is available for pay-what-you-feel-is-fair, so head over to the Store to see what we have available. We also have a lot of beautifully crafted merchandise that we've put a lot of love and care into. 100% of the profits made on this website are returned directly into the band to help keep this project going, so purchasing here supports us compared to purchasing anywhere else helps us immensely.

The 'Lucid Planet II - Visual Experience' is a full length visual accompaniment for Lucid Planet II. We intend for it to help guide listeners though the journey of the album, and allow them to give their full presence and attention. It is easy these days to have our attention stolen by phones or social media, but there is real power in setting the time aside to fully absorb into a cohesive work of art.

Our live shows are packed with crowded dance floors, psychedelic visuals and a clean, heavy sound.

Here's a preview of the action - check back for more footage soon.

Our mailing list is our main point of contact regarding early access to releases, special offers and important updates. We take great care in ensuring all of our emails are worthwhile and offer something of substance.
We want to create a community through our mailing list that is unbound from social media and therefore something that is our own.
Email Address

Donations are a great way to help support us to continue creating new music. We also have unique, exclusive and personalized items we give away as a 'thank you' for your contribution. Donate and find out what you can receive.