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Lucid Planet is a progressive, psychedelic band from Melbourne, Australia. Our music combines influences of psychedelic bass music with djent, tribal, and progressive rock for a divergent sound that interfuses genres. Intense, heavy rock melds with clean, delay-driven psychedelic soundscapes that aims to produce a meticulously-crafted, kaleidoscopic experience.

We released our debut album Lucid Planet in 2015 to considerable public acclaim, and followed up with a highly successful sophomore release Lucid Planet II in November 2020. This album took out a never before achieved triple-award on the popular metal website

“The clear breakout hit of the 2020 Metal Storm Awards..
It was a herculean rise for Lucid Planet; it was fitting that they won Best Progressive Metal Album alongside Biggest Surprise and Best Album Artwork
– MetalStorm
Read the full review here

The album made the top 20 list for the best albums of 2020 at number 11.

All of our music is available for pay-what-you-feel-is-fair so head over to the store page to grab yourself a copy at a price of your choosing.