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Artwork & Lyric Cards Set - 'Lucid Planet' (2015)

The 'Lucid Planet' (2015) Artwork & Lyric Cards Set is a nine-piece set of collectible cards featuring the lyrics of Lucid Planet and the adapted artistry of Mr. Crystalface and Joma Sipe. As a visual rendition of each song from Lucid Planet along with it’s lyrical content, they are the best way to dive into and absorb the full experience of this album.
Each card is designed with a different theme and image corresponding to each of the eight songs on the album, with the ninth being a title card. All nine cards fit together as a cohesive display set, to be ordered in any way desired.
Individual cards: 30cm x 18cm (12" x 7")

Assembled as a set of nine: 90cm x 54cm (35" x 21")