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Collector's Glass

Multi-Use Glass Laser-Etched with Lucid Planet Logo and Artwork by Mr Crystalface
Available in two different design schemes:
- Tree of Knowledge with large Lucid Planet logo
- Meditation Man with small Lucid Planet logo
Save $10 when you purchase the set!
These glasses are a must for any collector or Lucid Planet fan. Laser-etched personally by the members of the band, the detailed and vibrant artwork of Mr Crystalface stretches around the entire outer surface of the glass, creating a piece of true, rare beauty. Aside from a stunning artistic addition to any office desk or mantelpiece, the glass can be used in a variety of different ways:
- Drinking Glass
- Incense Holder
- Candle Holder
- Flower Pot
You can also choose to receive a free 3D-printed Incense Holder for your glass.
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All sales and donations made on this 100% independent website go directly towards the future continuation of the band, so we thank you for your support.
Would you like a free incense holder with your purchase?